Learning and sharing information about Australia's unique cicada diversity

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Be able to identify your local species of cicada by sound or appearance!

Did you know that Australia has an estimated 750 to 1000 species of cicada? We are the world's cicada capitol!

We are developing an exciting new tool to help you identify cicadas in the Greater Sydney region, and beyond.

Whether you are in the city, a park or the middle of a nature reserve you will be able to identify that noisy cicada by sight or sound.

Be a citizen scientist and record your cicadas!

Once you know what species the cicada is, you can then upload your observation to our database. See where species have been recorded in your local area, or just keep track of sightings in your favourite patch of bush every summer.

Find which cicada species have been spotted in your area

We can also use these data to analyse emergence and species distribution patterns over numerous seasons.

Driven by passion

The story behind Cicadarama

Cicadarama is an Australian-based project dedicated to learning about the lives of cicadas, all the while encouraging others to share in the fascination we have with these creatures.

This grassroots project was created by a plant ecologist and an animal ecologist who could not believe that we know very little about our diverse cicadas.

Cicadas are synonymous with the Australian summer, and many people have a story or two to share about these noisy critters. We have a passion to share what is unique about cicadas in Australia.

Nathan is a plant ecologist, photographer and videographer. He has been lucky enough to work on some of Australia’s spectacular flora, including flannel flowers and geebungs. He was introduced to cicadas at a very young age by his father who took both he and his siblings out around National Parks around Sydney to catch cicadas. These experiences are what initially sparked his interest in ecology and the environment. For Nathan, cicadas are a passion; a driving force for all that wonderful about nature. He wants to share this passion with others, and hope they too will discover just how fascinating our “backyard” can be.

Alan is an animal ecologist, photographer and naturalist. He has been involved in research on a range of animals including insects, spiders, frogs, and mammals in areas including arid Australia to the plains of western Sydney. He has a broad interest in all things in the environment around, including how people interact with the landscape and the plants and animals within. Cicadas became an interest after he was shown their unique ways, and also because they are an insect that can be identified by their call (as we do for birds) and one that people in urban areas can interact with. Alan hopes to share his passion for the natural world with the broader public through his photography and his wonder for the world around.

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Photo guide book image

Photo guide book

A first of its kind!

This is a go-to educational resource for identifying cicadas in the Greater Sydney Region. It is a fantastic resource to not only identify some of the cicada species in Sydney, but also to introduce you to some of our unique cicada diversity in the region. It is written as an easy-to-understand language and has a detailed description of how to use the book and "sound out" the calls of each cicada species.

The book features a detailed photograph of an adult cicada for each of the 22 species listed. There are also broad habitat descriptions, male calling song structures and species maps.

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